About Us

Here at Safe Transport Moving we pride ourselves in providing a high-quality and hassle-free experience. We guarantee you will be impressed by the attention to detail we provide for all our clients. When you think of a Super moving experience in the Jenks, Tulsa, Glenpool, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Skiatook, Bixby, Broken Arrow and Owasso areas, Safe Transport Moving comes to mind. We are locally owned and family operated so you will always get that personalized service when you choose us. No matter how small or big the move, we will approach each job with tremendous care and diligence, insuring that we get it done with excellence.

What makes Safe Transport Moving stand out from the rest of the competition? We will provide a great moving experience at an affordable rate. We offer multiple and customized packages to suit your individual moving needs. No matter what the job is, Safe Transport Moving will handle it safely and securely. Give us a call today at (918)-521-4444 to see how we can help you. We assure you will be satisfied if you choose the safest moving company in Oklahoma.

How long does it take to schedule a move? At Safe Transport Moving we understand time can be important. If you work with us there won’t be a long quotation process, we will recommend what individualized moving package you need, give you an affordable price and time estimate and start moving your furniture as soon as possible! We encourage you to contact or visit us to begin this process today! If you choose Safe Transport Moving we plan to exceed your expectations on what a Top of the Line Moving Company can do. We do have another destination besides your new location, because our Ultimate Destination is Excellence!

Our movers are actually encouraged to train and stay fit. We do this by providing a membership to a high quality fitness club for them to use and enjoy as part of our team. By making the health and wellbeing of our team members a top priority we are also able to minimize injuries, maximize loyalty and retain top talent, which translates into safer, more professional service for our clients.

In order to continue to offer the best service, we find that we have to purposefully focus on developing and maintaining a positive company culture. Part of this is team building events for the entire organization and also smaller teams centered around the moving vans or trucks. Each moving van or truck will have a minimum of two guys. Bigger trucks for bigger moving jobs will have 3 or 4 guys to a team. Every team has a driver, who will also double as a loader or runner when necessary and oversee the entire job on site. The Loader will stack and organize the furniture inside the van or truck as the runners bring the furniture and boxes to him. He will load the vehicle starting at the front of the enclosed box and move toward the rear where the roll-up door is. Every job starts out with everyone inside the house or property taping and shrink wrapping padded blankets over everything that isn’t packed inside boxes. Beds must be disassembled and the headboard, footboard and side rails wrapped in padded blankets to protect them for the ride over to the new destination. After we’re finished with this step we say it’s a wrap. After everything is either wrapped or boxed it’s time to get loaded-meaning it’s time to load the vehicle. We use humorous terms on purpose to make the work routine as fun as it can be, while we keep our hands and feet moving. Fun can be used as a weapon against boredom and fatigue that can come from the repetitive tasks and sometimes long days associated with moving. Did I mention that the health and fitness club has a swimming pool.

After we get done some of our guys go swimming in the evening. The longest day is typically the last day when we push through into the evening to get the job finished. If the moving job was big and over a few days, when we can, we rotate guys through for a day off between moving jobs. Sometimes we have to work on weekends, so a day or two off during the week helps manage the work/rest balance so our guys don’t get burned out. We have leadership team building events such as an annual charity golf tournament benefiting alzheimer’s disease research.

We even have a team appreciation day for the entire team where we go out and shoot trap, skeet and sporting clay’s along with a big catered lunch under a large covered and shaded pavilion with ceiling fans. Something about blasting the clay targets into smithereens with shotguns is extremely satisfying for our guy’s. Gal’s are certainly welcome and shoot targets as well. The Shooting Club we go to has the course set up much like a golf course, and where golf carts are used to drive to the next shooting station. Of course, each event starts with a mandatory gun safety meeting. This event is a big hit with our company and everyone talks about it for days, weeks, months and years afterward. Something funny always seems to inadvertently happen that can become the highlight of the event. Speaking of funny, one of our drivers actually performs comedy routines at some local Tulsa area comedy clubs. Sometimes, several of us will go and watch him when it fits into our schedule. Who knows, he might even be able to provide you some back-stage passes where you might even hear some moving humor?

We want our customers and clients to have fun too. Ultimately our fun turns into their fun, or your fun if you’re reading this. Moving and everything associated with it is stressful enough, so anything our team can do to lighten the load or improve the mood will translate into a less stressful situation for our clients. That’s why having a positive attitude is one of our core beliefs as a company, and therefore one of the things we look for when bringing anyone new into our company and onto any of our teams. I can’t imagine anything not being better when people are having fun!