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Scheduling a move with Safe Transport Moving Services is easy and can be done by calling us at 918-521-4444 or visiting our website at 

With your health and safety in mind, let us do the heavy lifting.  We have New Professional Equipment and Proven Results as well as movers that love what they do.  We can make your moving experience easy. 

We are located closest to the City of Jenks and want to be your Jenks Movers.  We serve the Greater Tulsa area, including Glenpool, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Skiatook, Owasso, Broken Arrow, Bixby and more.  We have moved client’s property to Grand Lake, Oklahoma and Dallas, Texas.  Search for us online under Jenks Moving or Jenks Movers or Tulsa Moving or Tulsa Movers.   

During a conversation on the phone we can discover more specific information and some important details to more accurately assess the scale and complexity of your needs.  The whole moving job will be divided into separate categories in order to organize and implement the sometimes complex operation in detail, from the starting point to the end point.  We have to take this concept of logistics serious, because most of our clients place-sometimes tremendous value-on their personal property.  Based on what we learn from the conversation, we can provide you a range on how long it will take, which will determine the price.  It is best, and what we absolutely prefer, is for me or one of my drivers to come to your house or business or storage unit(s) and personally look at everything that needs to be moved.  It is completely free to the client or customer for us to do this.  We provide free estimates.  The reason it is beneficial, and really necessary for us to see everything that needs to be moved, is so we can make our estimate much more accurate.  I haven’t met anyone yet that doesn’t want to know how much money they will be spending.  By seeing everything in person our free estimate will be very precise.

How Much Stuff

The size of your home is a good starting point.  Are you moving from a one-bedroom apartment, or from a 10,000 square foot house with 5-bedrooms, a library, a home fitness room with a weight machine, exercise bike, treadmill, elliptical machine, bench press, squat rack, dumb bell rack, as well as all the free weights.  Do you have a piano, and is it an upright or a grand piano?  What about a gun safe?   How many and how big are the flat screen televisions?  Artwork, delicate canvases, special and expensive frames with non-glare and UV protected glass?  Do you have a riding lawnmower that needs to be transported?  What is in the garage that needs to be transported, a freezer, an extra refrigerator, shovels, rakes, leaf blowers, chain saws, grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, ladders, motorcycles, four wheelers, jet skis, personal watercraft on trailers?  Remember that the longer you have lived there the more you have likely accumulated.  Most people are not very organized, some people are not organized at all.  Very few people have everything perfectly organized. We are different from most Jenks movers, we will handle all of these items with great care.

Are there any antiques that will need extra careful handling or perhaps disassembly, which means that it has to be reassembled at the new location. 

What’s in the backyard and on the back patio, outdoor furniture, firepit, umbrellas, chaise lounge chairs, swings, picnic tables? With Safe Transport Moving, we are Jenks movers that care.



What’s in the China cabinet?  Whether it is fine China, collectable plates, antiques, ceramic or glass figurines etc. we can carefully pack these delicate items to protect them from any damage as we safely transport them from your current location to your new location. Pick Jenks movers that know how to safely handle these precious items.  

What’s in the bar, wine glasses, bottles of wine, martini glasses, margarita glasses, beer steins from Europe?  What a waste to go through the trouble of buying something from another country, and have it safely delivered and displayed for many years only to have it broken while moving. That’s not how we do things!  When we pack boxes with glassware, fine china, ordinary dishes or especially anything easily breakable we have to be meticulous and use plenty of bubble wrap and/or clean white newsprint paper.  These sheets are approximately two feet by three feet in size, acid free and recyclable.  Did we mention that we can haul off and recycle your boxes and packing paper?  We have done it many times for many clients. Get used to a new standard for Jenks movers, Safe Transport Moving.


Furniture Moving

We move all kinds of furniture, from large heavy items to smaller pieces.  From cherished antiques to ordinary things, we wrap and pad any fragile items as well as any upholstered furniture to keep it clean and protected.  Wrapping also keeps cabinet doors shut.  Some things such as lamps, beds and bed frames need to be disassembled and then reassembled later.  Headboards, footboards and sideboards also need to be padded, wrapped and taped to protect the wood finish or upholstered areas.  Anything glass or with mirrors or any night stands or wall tables absolutely have to be wrapped in padded blankets and shrink wrapped in order to guarantee no damage occurs.  Framed mirrors and pictures, and all artwork are also all individually padded and wrapped to protect them as well. 

It’s worth mentioning that we stay with the job until it is finished.  Also, we will not show up two hours late.  We have found it to be a good practice to check in with the client a day or two ahead of the scheduled move to remind them that we will be there on a certain date or day, and at a certain time.  Believe it or not, I have heard of local moving companies that quit before they were finished and couldn’t come back for another week to complete the job.  Needless to say, this would be a terrible way to do business and not something we will ever do.  We’re here for the long haul and especially when that long haul is your move.

Search for us online under Jenks Movers or Jenks Moving.  You can also search under Tulsa Movers and Tulsa Moving.