Give Back

First $10 to Habitat for Humanity

At Safe Transport Moving we care about the community. We pledge to give the first ten dollars you spend with us back to a great organization. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that helps provide homes for the less fortunate. We get the opportunity to see the happy faces of customers moving into a new home and are very pleased to partner with an organization who can bring these same smiles to others around the community. We see the importance of having a safe place people can call home and feel honored to be able to aid a first class organization with this mission.

Not only will you be getting a first class moving experience, you can rest assured you are helping provide someone with the same feeling of moving into a new home that you will experience with us. We consider this to be a priority, building the community around us makes the world a better place for everyone. This giveback is a small part of building that better place and is well worth the investment. If you are looking for Jenks movers that care, Safe Transport Moving is the place for you.

Once a month we will write a check to Habitat for Humanity. Every move we do for the community will be reinvested back into that same community. Help us help the community we all love and cherish. We are the only Jenks movers in town that provide a safe and stress free moving experience all while giving back to the community we all live in.

At Safe Transport Moving we give back to our community through multiple and various channels.

We believe giving back is extremely important because this is where we live and work among our other local fellow residents and small business owners with our Jenks moving and Greater Tulsa moving services.  It’s a good use of our resources, demonstrates our commitment to our clients, neighborhoods, towns and cities.  It also feels really good to be a blessing to people that may be struggling through-hopefully-a short term downturn, before advancing back up to where they want to be.  

Veterans are very high on our list, because they were the patriots that left the community in their youth to go off, sometimes, to far away parts of the world to sometimes risk their lives for the benefit of the rest of us who remained here at home.  Some veterans do indeed bear the physical and, perhaps more often, psychological and emotional scars of war.  What a readjustment to leave a combat environment and return back to a peaceful but perhaps busy civilian setting, where when people get upset at least they don’t try to kill you.  We want to give back to our veterans because they have given so much for us.   

Similar to the Veterans are the men and women that keep our communities safe like the police, firefighters and first responders.  Many people are alive today that have survived automobile accidents because of paramedics that arrived quickly on the scene after a collision. 

Police officers keep the peace and prevent criminal activities from taking place in our communities, as well as keep an eye on traffic to make sure it is safe to cross the street.  We appreciate our police officers who put on the uniform to stand out in the public space to provide a visible reminder of law and order.  It helps create a safe and prosperous community. 

Firefighters are needed at some of the most critical times, either when a house or business is on fire or at the scene of a traffic accident before the ambulance and medical personnel gets there. 

Like we do for the veterans, we provide a discount to Police, Firefighters and  First Responders.  These community leaders help provide the glue that holds society together.  Often times, these leaders and the roles that they operate in and the services that they provide can so easily be taken for granted, which is why we specifically want them to know that we not only appreciate them, but want to financially reward them for their service. 

We also want to honor our Seniors with a discount, because they helped build the community before many of us arrived, and shouldered much of the responsibility and weight of the community while they were younger.  Our Seniors should be treated with respect and rewarded by helping them save some money as they enjoy the later part of their lives.  We want to be a part of sustaining our Seniors, besides being a channel to demonstrate the love and respect they deserve as human beings, we want them to have affordable services they can feel good about when hiring us to be their Jenks movers for their Jenks moving and Tulsa moving needs.

We also donate any items no longer wanted, or no longer able to fit would be more appropriate-when clients are downsizing from a larger home to a smaller one.  This typically happens a few years after the kids go off to college and start their own families. 

Since our Jenks moving office is located near the Riverside Jones Airport, we also use our Jenks movers to donate these items to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore location in Jenks in order to help supply gently used furniture, appliances, lawn equipment and home goods at no cost, that can be resold at discount prices that not only help the public by supplying low cost items for resale, but also employment for many people that work there as well.  In addition, Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that builds houses with volunteer labor.  They make no profit on the sale of these homes, and they are the largest not-for-profit builder in the world.  Anyone applying for a Habitat home must demonstrate need and be willing to put in some sweat equity either building someone else’s home, building their own or even doing volunteer work at a Habitat ReStore.  Home ownership helps provide a critical foundation for a strong and stable community.  We are thankful and honored to be able to help Habitat for Humanity ReStore contribute to our local community in the Jenks area.  Our Jenks moving team with our Jenks movers are ready help out.

Since, the youth is the future of every society, we have a Youth Services training focus within our business model to help train high school and college aged young adults with real world skills from the moving industry.  These are practical lifelong skills that can be used their entire life, whether it is properly and safely moving their own furniture and furnishings or their friends and families items.  The training they receive also serves as a back-up plan if they ever want or need a job in the moving industry in the future.  Moving skills could be more valuable than knowing how to swim depending on the situation.  We coordinate with the Jenks High School Athletics departments to let the coaches know that we can train and use some extra Jenks movers on our Jenks moving and Tulsa moving teams for the Summer season.  It’s a good idea all the way around, the athletes get extra strength and stamina conditioning, real world practical training as well as a Summer job that pays well.  The clients get strong energetic Jenks movers for the Jenks moving and Greater Tulsa moving jobs.  We even donate funds to the Jenks Athletic clubs from which the student athletes are part of.  It seems that the wrestlers are a particularly good fit for this kind of work, they are strong, tough and can work long hours with a smile.  They are athletes after all, so it is expected that they would perform like champions.