At Safe Transport Moving we understand that we are providing a service, and the service is to help people.  The more we can help, the more demand there is for our service.  Simple concept, not rocket science, so it should be easy right?  Well, it may be a simple concept, but to follow through and deliver is actually a little more complicated.  There, literally, are several moving parts that have to harmoniously fit together in sequence to simultaneously complete at the same time.  Moving is physical work-again not rocket science.  Hard and hot work sometimes with long days.  We think of our movers as athletes, and we treat them as athletes so they can perform at the top of their game.  The game is speed and no injuries, which means no damaged movers and no damaged furniture.  When it’s hot outside, there’s always an ice chest with an unlimited supply of bottled water and a few bottles of electrolyte drink as well in all of our moving vans or trucks.  We have first aid kits too-just in case we need them. 

We use top of the line professional equipment such as Magliner heavy duty aluminum hand trucks that have a  die cast magnesium nose plate, a vertical loop slanted handle and precision sealed bearings on the pneumatic wheels.  These hand trucks are light, but sturdy so our Jenks movers can save their strength for the more important things, such as the clients furniture and boxes.  Hand trucks are more commonly referred to as dollies or two wheelers.  We also use heavy duty 4 wheel Rubber covered Hardwood H dollys with swivel casters and 4 inch non-marking wheels that hold up to 1,000 pounds.  We can roll upright pianos on these across wood or laminate floors without fear of leaving grooves in the floor that will most certainly happen when using less expensive equipment.  Only heavy duty cross stitched moving blankets are used to wrap wood and metal and even sofas, chairs, tables etc. to protect them from any scrapes or gouges.  We tape the blankets and shrink wrap around the blankets for any cabinets or wall tables that have doors or drawers.  We also have a heavy duty mattress cart that is low to the ground with tall side rails on each side.  This enables a king sized mattress to be transported easily by one person, which increases our efficiency. 

Then there is technique that Jenks movers use, stretching before the start of the event/moving day.  Lifting with the legs and not the back will protect the back from injury.  Anytime something can be rolled instead of carried will save energy and reduce fatigue.  Parking and working in the shade if possible will also reduce fatigue and increase stamina. Parking as close as possible to the biggest and widest door, which is usually the front door, on the house or building shortens the turnaround time.  Positioning the ramp above any stairs helps even more by eliminating a potential trip hazard and also reduces fatigue.  Not bending over to pick an item up, for example when two guys are carrying a night stand, reduces fatigue and again therefore increases stamina.  When carrying something up stairs the bottom angle of the furniture needs to match the stairs as much as possible.  We are located closest to the City of Jenks, Oklahoma, and will take care of your Jenks Moving needs, as well as the Greater Tulsa area.  Search for Jenks Movers or Jenks Moving online to find us. 


Packing needs to be done correctly in order for contents not to get broken.  Mostly a concern for dishes and glassware.  Boxes need to be labeled with bold magic markers so anyone can see what is inside of them. Bubble wrap, thin foam wrap and 24”X36” Newsprint paper can cushion glass or ceramic items to prevent breakage.  Plates, or china is best placed on edge rather than flat inside of boxes.  Use smaller boxes for heavy items such as books.  Larger boxes lamp shades, extra-large boxes for lightweight items such as pillows and comforters.  Stacks of bed sheets can actually become heavy, so pack accordingly.  We can use a lot of padded blankets, tape and shrink wrap to cover an entire house of furniture.  The majority of damage that can be done to items is by them rubbing up against each other while being transported.  This is why we wrap everything.



Loading needs to follow a certain protocol as well. With safety in mind, Jenks movers at Safe Transport Moving make sure heavy and sturdy items and furniture need to go on the bottom and form a base layer when loading the moving truck or van.  Load the heaviest and biggest items first, so the weight goes toward the front and center of the vehicle instead of the rear.  It’s best to try to balance heavy items on both sides of the inside of the vehicle instead of putting all the heavy items on one side, remember that this load is going to be driving down the road and making turns possibly at highway speeds.  Common sense would also demonstrate that it will be easier to place lighter and smaller items around heavy and large items rather than the other way around.  Sofas are best loaded on their side on top of a moving blanket with the legs pointing toward the walls.  Mattresses are best loaded vertically on their edges.  Mirrors need to be wrapped inside a blanket and taped on at least two if not all four sides to make sure the blanket cannot come off, and then tied to the wall or placed between the mattress and box springs or somewhere safe.  Jenks movers know there is an art to proper loading.  Boxes can sometimes go on top of the base layer with the heavier boxes on the bottom, or boxes can start on the floor with, again the heavier boxes on the bottom and the lightest boxes on top.  Of course all pictures and artwork need to be wrapped in a padded blanket and taped and placed next to a wall upright like we do with any mirrors. 


Platinum Package

The Platinum package is customizable to whatever the client wants as an extension of the Basic Moving Package, in that not only do we unload the boxes and furniture and unwrap the furniture, but we can place the furniture into the house in different configurations to provide a set-up or design that the homeowner likes best.  We can offer suggestions on how to set-up the house as we have Home Staging and Design experience.  We can hold up different pictures in different spots and hang the pictures if wanted.  We can either unpack and put away the boxes and take the boxes with us or come back and pick-up the boxes later.  We can transport excess furniture, furnishings and boxes to storage units or friends and relatives houses, as well as donate unwanted items and even discard non-donatable items.  In the end we just want the client to have a great experience and tell all their friends about it.  Search for us online under Jenks Movers, Jenks Moving, Tulsa Movers or Tulsa Moving.