If you know that you’re going to be moving pretty soon and you are going to want to not move all those boxes by yourself and not have to move all that furniture all by yourself, and you need to call one of our Jenks Movers then why not schedule your move. Because we are only going to be able to work with you as far as we have time to schedule. So if you don’t let us know we can’t read your mind we can schedule around it if we don’t know about it.

Make sure that you are always staying in touch with us whatever you know that the move is coming up so that we can get you on that schedule and know that we have time to go over all the safety measures you were going to need in order to have a successful move. Because there are things that you have ever thought of not one time. We have not only already thought about your move, but we are going to decide and figure out a way around this issue. And then if we cannot find a way around it or a way to mitigate this risk we’re going to come to you and have you give us some ideas

But most Jenks Movers are able to take care of these issues without even having to alarm the home owners. Many times these homeowners don’t even know there was ever an issue but we in all actuality at their grandma’s trying to come it almost toppled over, and any other things almost happened promise only counts in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades and that means that whenever it comes to move in if we almost damaged something we did not put a Nick on.

But that is because we’re always working really hard to make sure that even though we know things are going to get a little walk crazy sometimes and things are going to get too heavy for somebody at one point or another and there’s going to be a little bit of walking clumsy stuff that happens.

But you don’t have to let these clumsy things turn into disaster or Travis Street. Because whenever it comes to saving at the last minute this is a skill that you can do and it is not something that has to be born with you can be a saver at any time. All you have to do is learn how to save the mall just as if you were going to catch the ball. It’s just catching me by surprise. So if you are good at catching things after they fall then you should know that you are our type of person, and we are here to help with your moving challenges if you need us to. Because we are the very best Jenks Movers. And you can call us at 918-521-4444 and check out the site at saferansportmoving.com

Jenks Movers | We’d Like To Shrink Wrap It All

When you’re working with Jenks Movers as experienced as we are going to find out that you are going to shrink wrap it all. If it’s not in the Box it gets shrink-w. Calling if a piece of furniture is going to get covered with fluffy puppy-padded blankets and then shrink wrap is going to go around it. If it is a trunk or a dresser it is going to get shrink-wrapped. If it is your favorite recliner it’s going to get shrink-wrapped. We do this because we know that this is a great way to keep things contained and undamaged.

So if you don’t put it in a box and if we don’t get it in the moving truck in a box, and it is going to go to have a padded blanket put around it. Over top of it. And then it is going to shrink and wrap it. So that we are adding a layer of padding around each and every article in your home. This is something that many may seem as overboard, but we do not. We see this as the insurance of your memories and your property making it to your new home without any glitches. Isn’t that what you want whenever employees pay Moving Service?

You want to make sure that they are giving you the very best as possible that you and your property are going to make it to the new home without anything happening to it. This is something that is not that hard to do as long as Define the bestJenks Movers, for the job, you’re going to be fine if packed all your stuff is going to be fine and you’re going to find that whenever you get to your new home the unpacking of this home is going to be even more coordinated than you ever felt like it has been before. Because you were going to find that we have a systematic way of making Jenks Movers look like they are geniuses.

And that is absolutely insane because the fact is these boys are pretty simple. They just figured out how to not work themselves to death because they’re learning how to take care of their bodies and stretch them out and make sure that they’re good and limber for some hard work. And they also familiarize themselves with the moving process and the process that they were going to need to know in order to make sure that all moves were equally safe as every one of them.

This means that we cannot be why there isn’t anything that we do, including how we provide our service. So we’re just saying that whenever it comes to moving we are the guru’s, we are the experts and we are trying to provide every citizen that we work with the best possible Moving Service ever. And if you don’t think they are aware, welcome to hear your thoughts let us know so we can improve because we are always on a mission to be the best, call and tell us at 918-521-4444. And go to the site at safetransportmoving.com.